Numerous artists have sung the praises of our city and its marvels.

Zatac has chosen to portray Verona through the eyes of Juliet, the consummate lover who experienced and expressed the highest form of love.

These eyes first of all revisit the sights that she held dear - like her home and the famous balcony - then the emblematic buildings of her city: the power of the ancient stone and the cooling shade of the alleyways packed with history.

The views of Verona seen from this perspective become soulful places where each one of us can find ourselves.

The photographer deliberately ignores the scenes of everyday life and directs his lens towards the city's more monumental aspects. The photos convey power, safety and harmony - the bywords of a city involved in cultural and commercial exchanges, and one that also has a wealth of creative verve and generosity, the defining characteristics of the industrious.

Basically, what transpires in the photos is the desire that sets Verona apart from other cities: to stay a part of History forever. It is no accident that it is Juliet who accompanies us on our journey around the city - the woman who represents the dream of eternal love that abides in all our hearts.
She seems to tell us that there are no real riches without love.

Ivo Bellamoli